Airboat Specialists in Broussard, LA

Airboat Specialists in Broussard, LA

Gator-Tails, Marsh Master, Deck Boats & More!

Broussard, LA, and the surrounding areas are home to a number of vast bodies of water. In order to navigate these marshes, ponds, rivers and lakes, Airboat Specialists provide a wide array of airboat services. We are dedicated to providing consistent quality service paired with well-trained staff members. Whatever the task, we have the capability to help!

Searching for airboat assistance around Broussard, LA?

Airboat Specialists are ready and willing to help in any way with our range of boats and services. We are well known in Broussard for assisting pipeline and close interval companies, but our services extend well beyond those tasks.

How could you use one of our boats?

With an airboat from Airboat Specialists, the possibilities are nearly endless. We offer:

  • Marsh Master - Broussard, LA, companies find these boats useful to move through swamps, marshes and other muddy bodies of water. These typically have four-wheel drive to give users more power and control. They are often used in construction in and around wetlands.
  • Deck Boats - Interested in hauling a crew to a location? You may need a deck boat. Broussard companies often use these to carry several people at once to and from a designated location.
  • Skiffs with Gator-Tails - These small boats are useful when navigating narrow waterways for the work you are completing. One of our staff members will be able to tell you if this is the boat for you.

Whether you need a boat for swamp rescue in Broussard, LA, or you are looking for boats and operators for a big project in the area, Airboat Specialists has the equipment, operators, and knowledge to help you get the job done!

"As a USCG licensed Captain with over 30 years on the water I've spent my life operating all types of boats, whether it's a tug, shrimp boat, crew boat, race boat or airboat, I am committed to providing my clients a safe passage.

Rest assured, every one of our employees believes in this same philosophy."

- Captain Tate Grossie

"Had a great experience. Very professional and got me in the tight spaces I need to complete my work project. Definitely will use again." - Hunter B.

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