Airboat Rentals in Broussard & Lake Charles, LA

Louisiana and the surrounding areas are home to some of the toughest terrain with a vast number of marshes, swamps, lakes, ponds and rivers! We have the equipment and capability to get you through no matter how muddy, flooded or overgrown your location may be. While Louisiana is our home, we provide our services all over the United States and we have traveled as far as Montana, Michigan and Delaware to assist clients with spills, electrical equipment installations and other tasks. We have a variety of boats to fit our clients’ needs.

Our Marsh Master, alone or with an attachment, is capable of conquering the worst the swamp and marsh has to offer. The machine can be used alone to transport personnel to the desired location, or we can add an implement, such as a cutter. Using the Marsh Master with the cutter, along with our bush hog, chainsaws and weed eaters, we can easily clear any location or right of way that is overgrown with grass, shrubs and trees, giving our clients unobstructed access to their work location.